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Southern Specialties Debuts Vegetable Medley Trays at PMA '18

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

The new vegetable trays are "clearly a winner," as they provide excellent product visibility, shelf appeal, and come in a convenient portion size.

Southern Specialties featured the new top seal trays in the product innovation showcase at PMA '18 in Orlando. The trays focus on product visuals, creating a beautiful merchandising opportunity. They display the full medley of vegetables by standing upright on the shelf and featuring a clear top seal. This design allows a view of the whole product and its colors, ideal for baby vegetables that have a naturally beautiful presentation.

The trays have been added to the successful Southern Selects retail line of packaged produce. All Southern Selects products are geared towards home chefs, featuring convenient sizes, microwavable bags, and on-trend produce. They allow for restaurant quality cooking, at home in minutes, making them "Perfect for today's fresh generation."

Click here to check out our retail brand, Southern Selects.

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